Information Overload Awareness Day Web Event 8/12 – free guest pass!

Did you know August 12th is Information Overload Awareness Day?  Our friends at Basex are putting on a web event focusing on ways to decrease the impact of  Information Overload. 
I'll be speaking on a Visionary Vendor Panel representing ClearContext along with speakers from Microsoft, Xerox, Xobni, and Nordic River. 

Thanks to Basex and conference sponsors, we're able to provide you with a free pass ($50 value) to attend the event!   Please come as our guest on August 12 – use the code "DevaGuest" for your guest ticket.  The web event begins at 8am PST and the Visionary Vendor Panel is at 11:15am PST.  You can see the full agenda here.

The keynote
presentation will feature Nathan Zeldes, Intel's former Information Overload
czar, speaking about his work at Intel and will coincide with the release of
the forthcoming  Basex report, Intel's War Against Information Overload.
 All attendees will receive a complimentary executive summary of this

Additional speakers include:

  • Noted authors Maggie Jackson
    (“Distracted”) and Mike Song (“The Hamster Revolution”)
  • Edward Stern, Occupational
    Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Dept. of Labor
  • Mark Hurst, Creative Good
    and author of "Bit Literacy"
  • John Hagel, co-chairman, the
    Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation
  • Seth Earley, CEO, Earley
    & Associates
  • Anne-Katrin Neyer, School of
    Business and Economics, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Peter Marksteiner, Colonel, Air
  • Paul Silverman, Integra
  • Christina Randle, The Effective
  • Jonathan Spira, chief analyst
    at Basex

Over 500 people are
expected to attend worldwide.  I hope you're able to join us.  C
lick here to register now – and use the code
"DevaGuest" for free admission!