Getting Started With ClearContext Online

Now that you’ve taken the tour of ClearContext Online, here’s how to get started using the service:

  1. Install ClearContext v4.5 or better
  2. From within Outlook, open the Scorecard
     Email Effectiveness Scorecard
  3. Click Compare your stats online in the bottom left hand corner of the Scorecard
  4. Login or register with ClearContext Online
    • If you previously registered with our Support Forums, log in with that username.  This will link your Outlook install to this account.
    • If you are new to ClearContext Online, register and create a new username.  Once you have activated the new account, return to the Scorecard in Outlook and click Compare your stats online to link to Outlook
  5. Start exploring!  Now that you have associated your account with Outlook:
    • View your email activity index
    • Compare your statistics to group averages
    • Evaluate your performance against other groups
    • Join groups and enable your activity index for public viewing