It’s all about Inbox Zero…

…or at least it seems that way based on a flurry of articles lately.  We've posted about inbox zero and ways to get started before.  Today, the guys at 37 Signals made a post on their excellent blog about Highrise and inbox zero and referenced a new inbox zero article in the New York Times.
It's great to see so much focus on inbox zero and email efficiency in general.  It's not a big surprise, as people are definitely having to get more done with less resources these days.  And getting better at email is one key way they can make that happen.

The 37 Signals post showed how Highrise users can snooze emails to make them go away for a while, which is very useful when aiming for inbox zero. ClearContext Pro users are able to do this by deferring emails and having them return to the inbox whenever they choose.  
That's just one of the many features in ClearContext Pro to help quickly process emails.

The New York Times article has a ton of straightforward and useful tips, as well as pointers to some good resources about handling email and achieving inbox zero.

InboxzeroWe're especially excited about all of this because of the Email Effectiveness capabilities we're introducing in ClearContext (in both Pro and our free Personal product).  Our current release has a sneak preview of these capabilities, including the ability to track your progress towards inbox zero within Outlook.  And there's much more coming soon.  You can download here and check it out!

Hopefully you're now well on your way to earning your Inbox Zero Nerd Merit Badge!