User Guide: Attachment Explorer

New in our latest release, the Attachment Explorer allows you to preview attachments within Outlook folders as if you were viewing them in a Windows file folder.

Attachment Explorer in Outlook

While in the folder you want to explore, launch the Attachment Explorer in one of several ways:

  • Click the Attachments button on the Inbox toolbar.  This button is available by default in Personal, but must be added to the Pro toolbar.
  • Select Attachment Explorer from the ClearContext Outlook menu (Keyboard Shortcut Alt-XA)
  • From the Files tab in FolderContext, select Actions > Open Attachment Explorer
  • From a Project Dashboard (Pro Only) click the Attachment Explorer icon Explorer Icon Dashboard.

Once you have opened the folder you want to explore, click on a file in the left hand pane to see a preview in the right hand pane.  Some file types cannot be previewed.

Change views    
While in the Attachment Explorer, there are several ways to change the file display:

  • Select the Views header to choose various views, switching to a smaller detailed list of the attachments in this folder, larger thumbnails, etc..
  • Click the Sort Header to change sorting by attachment name, type, received date, etc..
  • Drag the bar between the attachment list and the previewer to change the width of these panes.

Attachment Explorer ActionsSelect files in the attachment explorer by clicking on them.  Right click or select Actions to quickly act on these attachments.  Options include:

  • Open the messages containing the selected attachments
  • Open the attachments themselves
  • Save the attachments to a file folder
  • Forward the attachments via email

Quickly Open Messages

Double-clicking an attachment in the file list will automatically open the message it is attached to.  Quickly open the email that contains the attachment you are previewing by clicking the link at the bottom of the preview pane.

The complete ClearContext Personal and Professional User Guide, including a downloadable PDF, is available here.