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What’s New in ClearContext Pro?

I recently had a number of folks ask about the additions we made between IMS v4 and ClearContext Professional.  At a high level, new features in the latest release include:


Topic Suggestions



ClearContext now suggests Topics based on your past history when filing.  After upgrade, run ClearContext > Analyze Contacts to increase the accuracy of suggestions.


Redesigned Tabbed Dashboard


Tabbed Project Dashboard


The Dashboard contains a new summary view.  From there, open Project Dashboard tabs to view all the information related to a  project into a single combined view – email threads, contacts attachments, appointments and tasks.


Contacts and Attachments by Project


Contacts and Attachments Menus


ClearContext automatically identifies contacts and attachments in your projects and folders so that you can quickly and easily share information with your team.






Formerly RelatedView, MessageContext now shows message text and indicates attachments in messages.









  • See attachments and contacts from emails in each folder.

  • Sort, save, and forward those attachments.

  • Create distribution lists, meeting requests, etc. from those contacts.


Attachment Explorer



Explore and preview attachments within Outlook just like folders on your desktop.


Notification Managers


Notification Managers


Too many status and notification emails in your inbox?  Many people’s inboxes are clogged with email like:



  • Notifications from online services

  • Automated log and alert emails from IT applications

  • Receipts and status from e-commerce sites


Notification Managers automatically move these emails out of your inbox into a categorized view so you can quickly process notifications without constant interruptions.  Use ClearContext templates or easily create your own customized notification managers.  For more information, see our Notifications page.


Fit, Finish and Performance


Too numerous to list here, we have also implemented many v4.5 performance and fit and finish enhancements as requested by our customers.


Download ClearContext Pro 30-Day Trial


As a reminder, the upgrade to ClearContext Professional is free for all registered IMS v4 customers.  If you are running v3 or earlier or you are running the Personal version of ClearContext, download and install a free 30-day trial of ClearContext Pro.