Take the ClearContext Usage Survey

As we near completion of our latest release, we are mapping out the future of the product.  Please take a moment to complete this brief, 10 question survey about the features you use most and the future features you would most like to see.  Our product development is driven by customer feedback – your answers will have a direct impact on the future of ClearContext.


We opened the survey last week to registered users and the data so far has been extremely valuable.  We were pleased to find that many of the feature suggestions will be addressed in the next release of ClearContext Professional


For example:Dashboard Tabbed UI




“I hope to see [the Dashboard] improved with future releases.”



In the next release, the redesigned Dashboard will provide a tabbed interface for quickly accessing multiple projects and better interactivity throughout.




“still too many keystrokes to assign topics. Not enough intelligence in figuring out what the topic should be.”



ClearContext Professional suggests Topic assignments based on email history and we have streamlined the assignment of Topics throughout the application.




“…sometimes I start to type an existing topic name (to eventually assign the message to it) and mistype the name, click file too quickly, and a new folder is created.  …If it prompted before creating a new folder, I could make is less painful during my mistakes!”



ClearContext Professional does exactly this – we prompt before creating a new folder.




“I don’t need a Clear Context Topics folder, why does it not work off my inbox?”



With the release of v2, the Inbox can be used as the root for Topic filing.  Details on changing this setting are available here.  The release of ClearContext Professional will support using the root of your mail file for filing, effectively making all of your mail folders Topic folders.




Some other questions that came out of the survey are below:



“I would like to be able to flag 3 of these topics as my high priority topics and have a view where I can see what topics are my highs, mediums and lows.”


Use a folder/sub-folder arrangement for prioritizing your Topics, placing your most important Topics as a sub-Topic of “1 – Very High”.  Then use the View Sub-Folders feature in the Dashboard to view all of your Very High Topics.  For more detail, see our Topic Management Tips.


“Topic assignment had a bug, when using with Exchange server, then any assigned sent e-mails are not assigned but end up in SYNC ISSUES and appear to be lost”



Quirky Exchange issues like this one are always the result of a corrupt mail file.  Follow step #3 here to repair.




“The current Beta is not working well with XOBNI…”



The Xobni team is working on a fix for this.  Follow this post for updates.




Thanks to everyone who has taken the survey so far.  If you haven’t given your feedback yet, please go there now.  Leave your email address in a comments field if you’d like a response.