WIRED: Clive Thompson on Email Bots

Clive Thompson, who I’ve mentioned before, published an article in the most recent edition of Wired on using artificial intelligence to make email clients smarter.  In How Email Bots Can Deal With Your Overstuffed Inbox, Clive mentions ClearContext alongside Xobni:

“Another of my favorites is ClearContext, which identifies your most valued contacts — people you reply to quickly and frequently — and flags their incoming messages. It also endows you with superpowered sorting. If a work-related thread goes off the rails — like when colleagues hijack a project discussion to argue about Lost — you can zap it. From that point on, new messages in the thread are filtered out and deleted automatically.”

Merlin Mann from 43 Folders is also mentioned, recommending Inbox Zero as the best way to get a handle on the deluge.  Check out the article for more detail.

UPDATE: I like the print title of this article better – The Great American Timesuck: Give an email bot a shot at your overstuffed inbox.