Identify: Tackle Your Most Important Tasks Before Email

The Identify phase of our IMS workflow takes place first thing in the morning and is your opportunity to size up the day before diving headlong into your email.  It’s the time for you to make sure that you have your priorities in line so that you don’t lose sight of the day’s goals.

gr_important You should also take this time to work on one or two of your most important tasks.  By tackling one of those items that you absolutely have to get done before you start managing your day, you accomplish two things:

  1. You ensure that no matter the number of fires you come across during the day, you knocked an important task off the list.
  2. You devote the time that is needed to address the task.  If you put off your most important task until after you have gone through email, you may find that you haven’t left enough time to give it the proper attention it needs.

On the softer side, a rewarding sense of satisfaction permeates the day when you’ve taken one of your more important tasks out so early.  Try it, you’ll like it.