ClearContext Contact Exporter for Outlook (Beta)

ClearContext Contact Exporter

Web Worker Daily just posted about the latest release from ClearContext. Read below for more detail.

The Contact Exporter is a beta feature in ClearContext IMS v4 that lets you create and export groups of email addresses found in messages stored in the Outlook folders you select.

Select the email addresses from a prioritized list of contacts generated for you to create an Outlook distribution list, Outlook contact records, or a CSV export file.  

  • Send a group email to people on your team – Select your work or team folder and create an Outlook distribution list. 
  • Create a holiday party invitation for your friends – Select your personal correspondence folders and generate a list that you can send an email to or export to an online invitation service. 
  • Add all your business contacts to LinkedIn or your personal contacts to Facebook – Select the appropriate folders and create an export file you can upload.

Here’s a quick guide to using the Contact Exporter:

Download the latest version of IMS v4 here.  If you’re not already a ClearContext user, see our getting started page to learn more about the product.  (Note: The Contact Exporter download is in a 30-day trial of ClearContext IMS, but the Contact Exporter will remain functional after the trial period is over.)

Once you’ve installed ClearContext IMS v4.0.3 or higher:  

  1. Open Outlook and go to ClearContext > Contact Exporter from the main menu. 
  2. Select the folders containing emails you want to export contact information from.
  3. The contacts found in those folders are divided into a list divided into three groups:  More Relevant, Relevant, and Less Relevant.  Use the selection links to select/deselect groups of those contacts or the checkboxes to individually select/deselect the contacts you want to export.
  4. Check the export formats you would like for the email addresses and enter names for the files – Outlook distribution list, Outlook contact records, or CSV file.  

Once you’ve created the list, you can import these contacts into any services that accept CSV files.  Here are import links for a few popular sites (log into the sites before clicking the links below):  

Facebook (click Email Application and scroll down to Contact File)

It’s as simple as that!

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