IMS v4 in the News

There’s quite a bit that’s been written about our release over the last few days.  Take a look for some hints on our future product plans… 

ClearContext Aims To Untangle Your Outlook Inbox
David Needle – Enterprise News
"If you use Outlook, but have trouble keeping track of the glut of e-mail the Microsoft program collects, a solution may be at hand." 

E-mail overload? ClearContext promises solution for Outlook users
Eric Lai – ComputerWorld
"Version 4 of Information Management System (IMS) gives users an integrated dashboard view of all the e-mails, appointments and contacts related to a given project — something that ‘fundamentally hasn’t been possible in Outlook before,’ said ClearContext CEO Deva Hazarika." 

ClearContext – Helping you with email overload
Chris Morrison – VentureBeat
"So ClearContext helps give some structure to the user’s day. It allows new email notifications to be selectively turned on or off, giving the user breathing room to work on the actual projects related to their email communications. At other times, users are encouraged to go through and deal with their prioritized emails."

ClearContext IMS
Steve Parker – Internet Fork
"If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, ClearContext is a godsend."