Fortune: 10 ways to get a grip on your email

Fortune has posted 10 ways to get a grip on your e-mail, outlining exactly why it’s so important for corporations to get a handle on time spent in email:

"Let’s suppose, for instance, that dealing with your e-mail sucks up 75
days a year, and one-third of that time is thrown away on useless tasks
like reading "reply to all" messages that don’t concern you or figuring
out how to answer long, convoluted questions. Using an average
knowledge-worker salary of $30 per hour, the authors point out that the
cost of 25 wasted days is about $6,000 a year per employee – or, from
the company point of view, $6 million per 1,000 knowledge workers.

Tips include sending less email, scheduling live conversations, and filing effectively.  See the article for the complete list.