Getting the Most Out of ClearContext

In the last month I have updated the weblog with new tips and tricks for getting the most out of IMS, adding some video tutorials to further learning about the product.  I have posted the updated list on the sidebar of the weblog and here for your convenience:

Video: Convert Your Folders to ClearContext Topic Folders – a quick demonstration on taking advantage of ClearContext’s automated filing featues using existing folders.

Video: How To Avoid Exceeding Your Mail File Size Limit – use ClearContext to help proactively stay ahead of your company’s mail file size limitations.

Archive Sent Messages in Outlook – ClearContext can automatically move sent messages to their associated Topic folder – a great way to keep both sides of the conversation in the same folder structure.

IMS Pro Tutorials – a collection of video tutorials highighting some core features of ClearContext IMS Pro.

Vacation Email Triage – You’ve got 100’s of messages in your inbox and you want to clear them out?  Follow these tips to regain control of your Inbox using ClearContext.

User Guide – this is the complete User Guide for ClearContext Information Management System.  A downloadable version is also available (save to your hard drive before opening).

ClearContext Proritization Adjustment – instructions for tweaking the weighting of ClearContext’s prioritization algorithm.

Video: Outlook Performance and Mail File Health – though not specifically about ClearContext, this walks through several utilities that can help if Outlook seems a little sluggish.

If you have additional questions about use of the product, please see our Features and Support forums.