A Linux Guy’s View on ClearContext

I don’t post every review of ClearContext here on the corporate weblog (they all go here).  However, occasionally I come across one that I have to share.  Tim Schaab, self-proclaimed “Linux Guy” writes on his blog Tim in a Nutshell:

“I did a full install of Office 2007 and for my first daring adventure into Office 2007 land, Outlook was my target. The testing also gave me the chance to test out the latest version of my absolute favorite Outlook add-on ever, Clear Context. It made working with Outlook empowering. Heck, it made email empowering. Nothing on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux yet has matched the power it gives email.”

Tim goes on to write a very detailed review of his use of the product, in particular the RelatedView and Unsubscribe.  Now for the part that made me smile:

“Heck, it’s enough to make me have Windows be my fulltime desktop over Linux. Yes, it’s that powerful of a piece of software. …the Linux guy will have a Windows desktop so he can use Clear Context.”

Thanks, Tim!