Posts from November 2006.

User Guide: Unsubscribe from Thread

I’ve had a number of customers ask about a user guide update for 3.0.  I’m going to start posting individual updates here as I have them.  The first one is Unsubscribe from Thread, a new feature for 3.0.

Unsubscribe from Thread: Automatically Move Unwanted Conversations from the Inbox

Unsubscribe from Thread allows you to remove all current and future messages in a conversation out of the Inbox so that they don’t clutter your Inbox.

When copied on a long email thread that you have no interest in (i.e. joke threads, happy hour planning, etc.), highlight a message from the thread, click Unsubscribe, and all Inbox messages from that conversation will be automatically moved to the ClearContext Unsubscribed folder (a sub-folder of Inbox). All future messages that you receive from the same conversation will automatically be moved to this folder as well. To re-subscribe to the thread, go to the ClearContext Unsubscribed folder, highlight a message from the thread, click Unsubscribe, and future messages you receive will stay in the Inbox.

Unsubscribe Tip

If a Topic is assigned to the current thread, ClearContext can send unsubscribed messages to Topic folders rather than the ClearContext Unsubscribed folder. To turn this option on, go to ClearContext > Options > Preferences > Misc and check “If Topic is assigned, file unsubscribed messages to Topic Folder.”

Video: IMS 3.0 Product Demonstration

This is of significantly smaller size and quality than will ultimately be posted on the website, but I thought you would like a look at the product demo we’re planning to roll with our 3.0 launch.

[A direct link to this Windows Media Video is here.]

As with all of these types of efforts, I have a ton of ideas on how to make the demo even better and will probably reshoot the screencast in the not so distant future.  Feedback is always welcome, so send it my way if you have it.

ClearContext Features and Support Forums are Down

UPDATE:  This issue appears to be resolved.  Thanks for your patience.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but due to a problem at our webhosting provider, the ClearContext Features & Support forums are currently unavailable.  They have not given an estimate on when the problem will be remedied.  We will update this post when the forums are back up.