Exchange Name Resolution and ClearContext

In the 3.0 release, we have improved the way ClearContext resolves Exchange addresses.  In v2, when using AutoAssign or assigning contact priorities, many of you noted that IMS handled internal exchange mails differently than external SMTP addresses.  For example, an AutoAssign rule set to look for “” might not pick up an Exchange email from “My Boss” (with an Exchange address something like “/o=mycompany/ou=first administrative group/cn=recipients/cn=myboss’).  IMS 3.0 now recognizes that both of these addresses belong to the same person and processes accordingly.

To take advantage of this functionality, make sure that you have downloaded your corporate address book into Outlook.  To do so, select Tools > Send/Receive > Download Address Book, check “Download changes since last send/receive,” press the radio button next to “Full Details,” and hit OK.