ClearContext Introduces Automated Personal Assistant

I am very pleased to announce that we have officially released ClearContext IMS 3.0!  Check out the new product demo here.


ClearContext’s IMS Pro Application Manages Information Overload for Users to Address the Increasing Volume and Complexity of Information in the Workplace.

San Francisco, CA – November 6, 2006 — ClearContext Corp. today announced the release of Information Management System Pro (IMS Pro) v3.0, an application that extends Microsoft Outlook to quickly and efficiently manage related email, tasks and appointments. IMS Pro is an automated personal email assistant fully supporting Microsoft Outlook 2007 and prior versions, extending email management capabilities to integrated task and schedule management including sharing into Exchange and SharePoint.

IMS Pro automatically analyzes email and highlights, prioritizes and groups the most important new messages in your inbox, as well as screens unwanted messages out of the inbox. IMS Pro allows users to “unsubscribe” from unwanted conversations that often occur as a result of group emails or distribution lists, preventing responses from cluttering the inbox.

“Email usage in the workplace continues to increase in both volume and importance,” said CEO Deva Hazarika. “Constant sorting and review of messages is disruptive to productivity. IMS Pro is a personal assistant for email that saves time for users by automatically identifying which messages need immediate attention and which ones can be addressed at a later time.”

With the greater importance and complexity of tasks generated through email, more emails today require action beyond a simple response. By extending the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook, IMS Pro helps users save time, take control of email and projects and stay organized with automatic:

  • Prioritization – analyze incoming email to highlight the most important messages. Messages are ranked and color-coded by priority according to customizable rules that are based on email characteristics such as sender and level of participation in the conversation. The most important emails are placed at the top of the inbox to be dealt with immediately, while junk emails are moved to the bottom of the inbox.
  • Categorization and filing – assign topics to email conversations and with one click, quickly file individual messages or entire conversation groups into folders. Existing and incoming emails within the same conversation are automatically tagged with their appropriate topics.
  • Project organization – convert emails into connected tasks or appointment items with a single click, and easily view all project-related items together. All messages related to a single project, both incoming emails and replies, can be automatically filed to appropriate folders. IMS Pro takes advantage of new capabilities in the 2007 Microsoft Office System to display all related task and appointment items directly within the email message window in Outlook 2007.
  • Time management – users can “delegate” emails to other users or “defer” emails to be viewed at a later time. Messages are temporarily removed from the inbox, filed appropriately and automatically posted back into the inbox at a later designated time – essentially an email snooze button.
  • Collaboration – automatically file information to shared Microsoft Exchange Public Folders. Taking advantage of the integration capabilities of the 2007 Microsoft Office System, Outlook 2007 users can also file email messages directly into Microsoft SharePoint sites.

ClearContext IMS Pro v3.0 is priced at $79.95 per single-user license. A free 30-day trial, including a free copy of ClearContext IMS Personal Edition, can be downloaded at