ClearContext IMS Pro 3.0 and the Office 2007 RTM

As many of you are aware, Microsoft has released the 2007 Microsoft Office system to manufacturing.  For those of you running Outlook 2007 and IMS Pro 3.0, here’s a list of the known issues that the RTM resolves:

  • Fixed: If you perform a search on All Mail Items, the ClearContext toolbars become disabled. To re-enable, restart or perform a local folder search, then click on the Inbox.
  • Fixed: When launching an item (task or appointment) from an open message, the value for “Original Message” is not populated and sometimes the ActionView icon does not appear.
  • Fixed: Some recipients using older email clients (Eudora 5 or earlier, some MAC clients) will see winmail.dat attachments on their messages.

There are a few known issues that have not been fixed by the RTM.  We have a maintenance release in testing to address the following:

  • In Outlook 2007, If you are offline, filing to SharePoint folders using IMS will result in a conflict. The message is sent to the Local Failures folder instead.
  • In Outlook 2007, saving an Inbox view via the ClearContext menu can result in a corrupted characters appearing in Inbox messages. Clicking on another folder and back on the Inbox fixes the view.
  • Exchange 12 Beta users running online will note that the Defer function is stripping the From field from email. This is not a problem offline or in Cached Exchange Mode.
  • When selecting a large number of messages and deleting or issuing the Move to Folder command, Outlook takes a long time to complete the operation, sometimes appearing to hang. This will be fixed in a future release. In the near term, drag messages to the their destination instead of using the Delete or Move to Folder commands.

Finally, though we don’t have access to the Windows Vista RTM yet, it has been reported that this Vista UAC issue is still a problem:

  • Windows Vista users running with Administrator rights with UAC turned off cannot run the software. The only workaround at this time is to turn UAC on or change your user rights to Standard.

We have a workaround for this in testing as well, though the easiest solution will continue to be either turning UAC on or switching the rights of your User Account to Standard.

I’ll update the weblog when the point release is available for download.  Thanks to everyone for helping us test and build on Microsoft’s pre-release software.