Another Article on the Costs of Email Usage

Clarissa Rodriguez writes in the Boston Herald article E-Mail Communication: Profit or Loss?:

"On average, employees
spend two hours per day reading and responding to unproductive, low
importance messages. That’s a hefty 12 weeks a year. What would you and
your employees each do with an extra 480 hours this year? Next year?"

She goes on to talk about calculating your hidden cost of e-mail waste and gives some decent tips for trying to reduce it.  I think Clarissa has got this just right.  As discussed last week, we’re working on the tools to provide a more concrete assessment of your email usage costs so that individuals can get a handle on the demands email make of their time and the time of their correspondents.  Knowledge is power, as they say.

I’ll have more to say about this when the results to our email usage survey are in.

[Thanks to Exclusive Concepts for the pointer to the article]