Getting the Most Out of ClearContext: Revised

We have a great deal of information in the weblog on using ClearContext to it’s fullest.  If you’re visiting our weblog pages, you’ll note that I have revised the "Getting the Most Out of ClearContext" collection of posts on the right sidebar to reflect the changes in our v2 release.  The posts include:

Archive Sent Messages in Outlook – ClearContext can automatically move sent messages to their associated Topic folder – a great way to keep both sides of the conversation in the same folder structure.

ClearContext Proritization Adjustment – instructions for tweaking the weighting of ClearContext’s prioritization algorithm.

ClearContext & ActiveWords: a Script to Get Started – do you use ActiveWords?  This step by step scripts demonstrates how to use the ClearContext ActiveWords agent to map keywords to your personal topic structure.

Convert Your Folders to ClearContext Topic Folders – a quick note on taking advantage of ClearContext’s automated filing featues using your existing folders.

Holiday Email Avalanche
– You’ve got 100’s of messages in your inbox and you want to clear them
out?  Follow these tips to regain control of your Inbox using

How To Avoid Exceeding Your Mail File Size Limit – use ClearContext to help proactively stay ahead of your company’s size limitations.

IMS Pro Tips – a collection of tips highighting some core features of ClearContext IMS Pro.

User Guide – this is the complete User Guide for Inbox Manager and IMS Pro.  A downloadable version is also available.


I hope these help.  If there’s anything else you’d like to see on ClearContext use, please let us know.