What’s New in ClearContext Information Management System

As I mentioned earlier, today we announced the release of ClearContext v2.  The new product line includes IMS Pro, our professional grade information management system and Inbox Manager Personal Edition, a free add-in for Outlook prioritization and filing.  For a comparison of the two products, see our products pages on the website.

IMS Pro v2 represents a giant leap forward for the ClearContext product line.  See our five minute flash demo for an overview of v2 functionality.  Here are some of the new features:



RelatedView: A window showing all related Outlook items (emails, tasks, appointments) plus a history of all activity within the conversation.



ActionView: Provides
a quick view of all pending action items (tasks, appointments, deferred
msgs, etc.) and can be filtered by dates, category, etc.



Defer: Remove emails from your inbox and have them reappear at a later date when you need to deal with them.



Followup: For any email you send, automatically create a reminder for you if you don’t receive a response within a certain time




Task/ Schedule: Automatically create tasks and appointments from email with a single click.




Delegate: Delegate emails for other people to address




Orig Msg: Following action (Reply,  Task, Schedule, or Delegate) automatically file or delete the original message.



Inbox Views: A
number of new views are available to organize your Inbox, as well as a
new "Grouped" option. The View Selection Wizard displays samples of the

In addition, we have implemented numerous improvements "under the hood" – increasing prioritization performance, streamlining error reporting, and implementing WordMail support.

Inbox Manager got a v2 refresh as well.  Most notably, we now offer the product free of charge.  If you’re looking for a smart tool to help you get a handle on your Inbox, Inbox Manager Personal Edition is a good place to start.

On a final note, our free license program is still in effect.  Write a review of the product in any public forum and we’ll send you a key for IMS Pro.  Just forward the link to us at info at clearcontext dot com.  See our initial announcement for more detail.

We’re really excited about this new release.  Take a moment to review our new website, download the product, and let us know what you think.