IMS Pro Tips: Task & Calendar Management

Part 3 of Our IMS Pro Tips Series


The ClearContext Action Bar helps boost your productivity. Quickly convert email to tasks and appointments.

Automatically create tasks and appointments from email with a single click.  ClearContext will attach the original message to the item for quick reference.

Quickly delegate email to other people.  Forward the original email and create a personal task as a reminder.  Alternatively, create an Outlook managed task assignment and receive automatic updates when the task is completed.

Easily file messages after you are done with them.  Following action (Reply, Task, Schedule, or Delegate) automatically file or delete the original message.

The ActionView is the command control center for your workday.  Review and manage all of your To Do items, including tasks, appointments, deferred email, and flagged Inbox messages.  Your assignments can be easily filtered and sorted, giving a quick way to view your work by date, topic, category, etc..


Using the tools ClearContext provides, managing tasks and appointments is a snap, making you more productive and ensuring that work doesn’t “fall through the cracks.”

Next Up: Conversation Management