Change is Good

When we receive feedback that ClearContext didn’t work for an individual, the most common response is that ClearContext "changes too much."  We have put a lot of effort into integrating ClearContext into Outlook and making its operation as seamless as possible, but yes, to get full value out of our information management system there is some expectation that the user will alter the way he/she approaches email.  I don’t think that this is too much to ask – most users would not be trialing the software if they didn’t think that email was broken to begin with!

Today, a review of the product was published on The Code Project embracing the change:

"In a nutshell
ClearContext totally met my need for a mail management tool in a lot of
ways I never expected. It really changed the way I think about email
and email management. If you get a lot of email and your work tasks can
be influenced by email then I encourage you to check out ClearContext.
Don’t just install it expecting something great to happen *POOF* and
you are a mail guru. You’ll need to spend an hour or two learning how
to embrace the ClearContext ideas and then you can start modeling your
email in a way that works for you."

For more detail on the process code-frog went through to evaluate email management solutions and how he uses ClearContext, read the entire post.

Thanks for the well written, thorough write up, code-frog!