TPN Tablet PC Podcast: Comparison of ClearContext to Snarf

Perry Reed at The Podcast Network spent some time comparing ClearContext to SNARF on episode #25 of the Tablet PC Show.   He concludes that ClearContext is a "better way to go" and that, for him, it is "a very nice way to organize my email, to keep track of it, to know what I need to respond to right away, and then to manage it after I’ve read it."  To listen to Perry’s analysis, check out his podcast at around the 21 minute mark.

Thanks for the review, Perry!  We agree, there is more to email management than simple prioritization.

A note for Tablet PC users.  If you’d like to ink basic ClearContext functions, use our stuff in conjunction with ActiveWords InkPad.  Using our ActiveWords agent, create AW’s that assign ClearContext topics to email conversations, automatically file messages, etc..  I think you will find that our application, in conjunction with ActiveWords InkPad, will greatly enhance your productivity within Outlook.