NY Times: Meet the Life Hackers

The irony is that I have been trying to get through this article for a couple of days, but I keep getting interrupted…

The New York Times published Meet the Life Hackers this weekend; detailing the plethora of distractions in the modern workplace and people’s tricks for avoiding them.  Using multiple monitors, turning off email notifications, and putting prioritization technology in place were included as tips.  It’s worth a read if you can get yourself a few minutes, distraction free.

Hat tip to Robert Scoble for the link to this article.  BTW – Robert took his email from 500 to 5 using our product and Omar is on the verge of achieving email Zen with ClearContext’s help.   With all the ClearContext love going around, we’re gushing like proud parents today!

Update: There’s a good NPR interview of the author, Clive Thompson, posted at NPR.org.