Delightful Dinner with GTD’s David Allen

We had the pleasure of dining with productivity guru David Allen last night.  I have not been to a Getting Things Done seminar (yet), so it was fascinating to see exactly how passionate David is in his mission to help people get a handle on their information overloaded lives.  I now understand exactly why legions of people rave about the GTD experience.

I was curious to hear how David felt about our inbox prioritization engine.  In GTD, one of the key concepts is to get your inbox to empty.  IMO, that doesn’t negate the need for our product, as many of us experience times when there is more email to review than time to process it, making prioritization a useful concept.  Apparently, David sees the value.

As we continue to develop ClearContext, I think you will find that our product becomes increasingly applicable to the GTD way of doing things.  In the meantime, here’s a link to a post I wrote several months ago on implementing a GTD-like structure in Outlook using ClearContext.  Enjoy!