Office Letter Review

There’s a review of ClearContext in the current issue of The Office
Letter (permanent review link here), calling Inbox Manager a "rules engine on steroids" and giving a
practical demonstration of the AutoAssign feature.  We are pleased
to hear that the program works as expected.

Two items we’d like to note from the review:

  1. Our AutoAssign rules engine is simplistic by design.  It is
    not our intent to supplant the Outlook native rules engine, but rather
    to provide a simpler interface that provides access to ClearContext
    features.  For those who crave more complex rules development, we
    will be integrating the ability to assign topics and priorities into
    Outlook Rules in a future release.  See our product plan for more

  3. Undo functionality has been on our internal "Nice To Have" list
    for some time, but to date this is the first time the feature has been
    requested.  Please chime in here or send us a note at support (at)
    clearcontext .com if this is something you’d like to see in a future

BTW – The Office Letter is a great place to find ways to increase your
office productivity.  If you haven’t subscribed to their
newsletter, I recommend you do so.  In addition to a  review of our product and OnlyMyEmail, this week’s issue includes:

  • Reader Challenge: Foreign Spell Check in PowerPoint
  • Access Wizards: Reader Mailbag
  • Latest Office Resources

In addition, Premium Issue subscribers learn how to move multiple items in Word using a little-known (and poorly documented) feature.  Check it out.