Three Things You Might Not Know About ClearContext

There are three items that I like to highlight for people who have recently installed ClearContext.  These are things that might not be obvious at first pass over the application, but really open up Inbox Manager’s functionality:

  1. If the option is selected, ClearContext saves sent messages in
    topic folders rather than the sent mail folder.  This allows easy
    archiving / categorization of sent messages.  This option is turned off
    by default on installation.  For details on enabling, see our blog post Archive Sent
    Messages in Outlook
  2. If you are using Microsoft Word as your email editor, the ClearContext open message toolbar is not available.  This eliminates the ability to assign topics / priorities  and file from open messages (New, Open, & Reply).  For more detail on this, see Enabling the ClearContext Open Message Toolbar.
  3. Finally, because our views are built within native Outlook, they are completely customizable.  While we feel that our default prioritized views are a very powerful feature of the product, some folks may want to start off with a more familiar date ordered view.  We have posted alternative views for download on our website.  Also, changes can also be made manually within Outlook to meet user’s specific needs.  You can change the priority colors ClearContext assigns in the Inbox, enhance the views to take advantage of native Outlook grouping, or show only unread, prioritized messages.

The message here is that, while the out of the box experience may be exactly what you’re looking for, ClearContext provides a wealth of ways to customize and tweak the user experience to make sure that you get the most out of Outlook.  If you have a unique way of conifguring and using the application and/or there are additional features you would like to see, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.