“File” Is Not Spelled D-E-L

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The latest issue has an article on the perils of using your Deleted Items folder for filing important messages:

"I understand why they do it – they want to keep the Inbox clean and hitting the DEL key is quick and easy, but I’m amazed at the number of people who use this for message management and see nothing wrong with it. They get upset with me when I tell them it’s a really bad idea to store messages in the Deleted folder and many continue doing it even after losing all of their important messages."

As mentioned in the article, there are better, more secure ways to file your email, including automated solutions from ClearContext.  We allow you to assign topics to email threads and provide filing buttons for one touch archiving of messages, email conversations, and/or entire categories of email.  This is almost as convenient as the delete key, much less likely that you will lose your important email, and makes it a lot easier to find archived email when you need it.