Congressional Email Overflow

The Washington Post published an article today about Congress’ constant fight against spam.  We’re not talking about your garden variety home loan and desperate housewives email, but rather targeted campaigns by interest groups to get their messages read in a big way.  As one legislative director put it:

"[We’re] really losing sight of the important letters that come in —
like the three-page letter from Grandma as opposed to those floods of
mail where all they’re doing is clicking a button. It’s insane."

The article also mentions that, since the September 2001 anthrax attacks, snail mail has become useless for contacting congressional legislators.  Does anyone else find it ironic that these group’s electronic efforts to get themselves heard is actually destroying one of the few ways we have left to get in touch with our federal representatives?

For more information, read On Capitol Hill, the Inboxes are Overflowing.