Lotus Notes Taking Cues from ClearContext?

News.com published an article today previewing upcoming features in the next release of Lotus Notes; code-named "Hannover:"

For example, Hannover will be designed to let people organize and
manage their information based on a specific project or topic across various Notes tools .
Using a demonstration version of the software, Loria showed that if a
person were to click on an e-mail related to a specific issue, he or
she could quickly access all of the correspondence that might have been
received about the topic from others, regardless of the manner in which
those messages were sent. Data could also be organized to reflect
communications with a particular person, or group of people, using the

Good news, Outlook users – ClearContext already allows you to organize and store your received and sent email messages by Topic.  And, as our users know, these topics can be associated with communications with an individual or group of people.  We are currently working on our next major release which will extend this concept to task and calendar items and give you a view of related objects.  We’ll post a Product Plan with more detail shortly.