ClearContext AutoAssign Demonstration Posted

Lance has posted a review of ClearContext on his blog, demonstrating how he uses ClearContext to auto-file messages in Topic folders.  Two things in his review we’d like to address:

  1. He mentions an Outlook 2000 cut and paste issue in v1.1.  We have corrected this in a maintenance release, but haven’t put it out to the general public yet.  If you are seeing this problem and would like the fix, please contact us directly.
  2. He has a question about the execution order of AutoAssign rules.  Basically, our rules engine works down the list of rules, from top to bottom, until it finds a message that meets it’s criteria.  Once it has executed a rule against the message, all later rules are ignored.  You can adjust the order in which the rules are executed in the AutoAssign Management dialog (Tools > Options > ClearContext > AutoAssign).  For more detail see our User Guide.

Thanks, Lance, for taking the time to post information on our product.  Per our free license program, we are sending you a registration key.  Enjoy!