Email Filing and Archiving

William has posted a thoughtful review of ClearContext Inbox Manager; it appears that he uses our filing and archiving features the most. 

He mentioned something that we hear occasionally – our prioritized views take some getting used to.  Though ultimately he thinks that they are "a better way of dealing with your inbox," we want to point his readers to instructions for getting the most out of ClearContext views.  If the out of the box views aren’t working for you, we’ve got several different views available for download on our website; including views that allow you to take advantage of the message management features that William discusses without the use of color coding or prioritization.  Power users, of course, can use native Outlook functionality to modify and customize views.

On a side note, though William already owns a ClearContext license, his review is the perfect example of one that qualifies for our free license giveaway.  Thanks, William!