Email Usage Survey is Closed

We have closed the ClearContext 2005 Email Usage Survey and are starting to tabulate the wealth of information we have received.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.  In particular, thanks to those who helped make the survey possible, including The Office Letter, OfficeZealot,, The Office Weblog, Omar Shahine,  and Ed Bott.

We had over 300 responses, 260 of which gave their email address to receive a coupon towards the purchase of ClearContext Inbox Manager.  Congrats to the 26 recipients of free licenses: Jeff M., Michael M., E.L., Mark G., Mark I., SV, Scott S., Dwayne, G.P., Jim Y., D.S., Alan D., Perry, Steve N., Reagan, S.M., J.C., Doug, lk, MM, Vance, M.SGM, Jason, k, mj, and william.

Results of the survey will be posted shortly.