Future Feature: Inbox Manager “Slave Mode”

Omar Shahine posted a detailed review of ClearContext Inbox Manager on his blog last night.  In it, he makes a couple of feature suggestions, including the implementation of functionality to support accessing a single mailbox from multiple machines. 

"ClearContext doesn’t work to well if you have two versions of Outlook
2003 Running simultaneously in cached mode. For most Microsoft
employees this can be a problem. The solution though is to run
ClearContext on one machine. You still get the views on the other
machine, so you don’t lose the benefit."

In our forum, we have posted our proposed plan for "Slave Mode" functionality and more details on the workaround that Omar suggests for the current version of the add-in (v1.0.2b).  Short of our planned Exchange Server based version of the product, we feel "Slave Mode" will fully address this issue.  We welcome your thoughts on our proposal in our forums. 

Watch this blog in the coming weeks for future announcements regarding our product roadmap; including a timeframe for implementation of this feature.