ClearContext Inbox Manager v1.0.2b Available

Version 1.0.2b of ClearContext Inbox Manager is now available. See the link at the bottom of to download. When run, the installer will detect your previous installation and perform an upgrade.

This maintenance release includes the following updates to v1.0.1:

1. Sub-domain Enhancement to AutoAssign: Handles sub-domains for a given sender domain (i.e. will catch,, etc.)

2. Apply Rules to All Button: AutoAssign Management now has a button that applies all AutoAssign rules to the messages in the inbox.

3. Exchange Performance Enhancements: Message processing modifications to support increased Exchange performance.

4. Statistics Menu Item: Statistics shows the total number of messages ClearContext has prioritized along with various other cumulative stats. FYI – the statistics do not reflect priority assignment and topic handling prior to v1.0.2 install.

5. Calendar and Task Item Handling: Allows the assignment of priorities and topics to calendar and task items that appear in the inbox.

If you are running an earlier version, we recommend that you install v1.0.2b to take advantage of these enhancements.  Watch this blog for information on future releases.